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Bildungshaus Bad Nauheim

Summer School in Clinical
Linguistics 2011
Speech Language Pathology in Dialogue with Clinical Neuropsychology
Bad Nauheim 21. – 24. Juli 2011

Patients with brain disorders often are seen by both clinical neuropsychologists and speech and language pathologists. While the two specialists share a similar vocabulary for describing the cognitive and language disturbances these patients may present with, they may differ in their conceptual models regarding how to understand the cognitive and behavioral problems of these patients and what is the best way to approach them.

This workshop will present an opportunity for the two disciplines to discuss how a milieubased “holistic” neuropsychological rehabilitation model may be applied to some of the difficulties the speech and language pathologists face daily.

The workshop will specifically consider principles of neuropsychological rehabilitation that impact how patients are approached, how various rehabilitation exercises are developed, and how the outcome of such interventions can be assessed. It will also allow time to compare and contrast the two different approaches, and to highlight under what conditions one approach may be more useful than the other.

The workshop will also provide sessions on the topic of anosognosia and recent advances that have been made in the field that help us understand this complex set of disturbances and its implications for neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Finally, the importance of having clinical neuropsychologists as well as speech and language pathologists understand their positive and negative reactions to patients and families will become a key component to this workshop. It will be argued that the understanding of these reactions and appropriate management of them leads to better outcomes. Here, the importance of estab¬lishing a working alliance becomes crucial and the data that supports the value of a working alliance for treatment outcome will be presented.

George P. Prigatano, Ph.D.

George P. Prigatano, Ph.D.