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Workshop Klinische Linguistik 2004
Three Countries Symposium:
Clinical Linguistics in developmental and acquired language disorders
6.-8. Mai 2004
Conference centre Rolduc (Monastery), Heyendallaan 82, Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Vereniging voor Klinische Linguïstiek (VKL), The Netherlands
Belgische Beroepsvereniging voor Neurolinguïsten/
Association Professionelle Belge de Neurolinguistes (BBVN-APBN), Belgium
Bundesverband Klinische Linguistik (BKL), Germany

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Donnerstag, 6. Mai
19.00 – 21.00 Registrierung
20.00 wine reception
Freitag, 7. Mai
8.45 Begrüßung
9.00 – 9.45
Prof. Dr. H. Clahsen (Colchester, UK)
Distinct pattern of language impairment in Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome,
and SLI
9.45 – 10.05
F. Paemeleire (Ghent, Belgium)
Assessing the nature of dynamic aphasia: a case study
10.05 – 10.25
E. Robert (Ghent, Belgium)
The P.O.L.E. Project: Per Operative Linguistic Examination
10.25 – 10.45
M. Grande, F. Longoni, V. Hendrich, F. Kastrau, W. Huber (Aachen, Germany) Different levels of lexical processing-evidence from an fMRI study with normal subjects and aphasic patients
10.45 – 11.15 Kaffeepause
11.15 – 11.35
M. Corijn (Ghent, Belgium)
Global aphasia without hemiparesis
11.35 – 11.55
N. Vasic, E. Ruigendijk (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
The comprehension of gender and number information on pronouns in dutch agrammatism
11.55 – 12.40
Prof. Dr. R. De Bleser (Potsdam, Germany)
Morphological impairments in aphasia
12.40 – 14.00 Mittagessen
14.00 –15.00 and 15.00 – 16.00 Workshops

Dr. E. Gerrits (Maastricht, the Netherlands)
Reducing bias in language assessment of multicultural children

L. de Raeve (Zonhoven, Belgium)
The use of Tait-Video analysis in preverbal communication of deaf children with cochlear implantation

Prof. Dr. H. Leuninger (Frankfurt, Germany)
German sign language: representation, acquisition, processing

Dr. E. de Langen (Bad Griesbach, Germany)
Temporal processing in spoken language and reading

16.15 – 19.00 Mitgliederversammlungen BKL, BBVN-APBN and VKL
19.30 – 21.00 Abendessen
21.00 conference dance
Samstag, 8. Mai
9.00 – 9.45
Prof. Dr. M. Lambon Ralph (Manchester, UK)
What are the underpinnings of anomia?
Evidence from neuropsychological, neuroimaging and neural network models
9.45 – 10.05
I. van der Meulen, J. Rooryck, R. Bastiaanse (Leiden, the Netherlands)
Wh-questions in agrammatism: a movement deficit?
10.05 – 10.25
M. van de Sandt-Koenderman, F. Van Harskamp, HJ Duivenvoorden, SC Remerie, Y. Van der Voort, SM Wielaert, EG Visch-Brink
Predicting the outcome of linguistic therapy
10.25 – 10.45
M. Hielscher, K. Richter (Bielefeld, Germany)
Reintegration into employment in aphasia
10.45 – 11.10 Kaffeepause
11.15 – 11.45
Prof. Dr. P. Mariën (Antwerp, Belgium)
The linguistic cerebellum
11.45 – 12.30
Prof. Dr. G. Conti-Ramsden (Manchester, UK)
Recent advances in our understanding of specific language impairment
12.30 – 13.00 wrap-up by Dr. E.G. Visch-Brink